Summit 2018 Ghana

The African Belt & Road is an initiative of the Innohabitat group, it encompasses the Trans African Railway from Mombasa (Kenya) through to Lagos (Nigeria) with spurs to Angola and Ghana. In the interim, the missing links along the route is serviced by Roadrail off-road road train haulage and can spur to service countries that are not on the route. Roadrail also provides contract haulage solutions for the mining industry. Furthermore the African Belt & Road also incorporates Searail which is a High Speed Passenger & Cargo Ferry service from Nigeria to Senegal.

Searail and Roadrail is welcoming neighbouring counties in ECOWAS to participate in and leverage off the significant economic benefits that Searail and Roadrail will bring to the region.

Searail and Roadrail has scheduled programs to be held at the West Africa Energy, Mining & Investment Summit 2018 at Accra, Ghana on 21-23 February 2018.

The objective of the Summit is to fully inform stakeholders in countries of these initiatives and to initiate a collaboration to ensure the smooth implementation of the service. To allow countries to be informed so they can prepare and take full advantage of the significant trading benefits this service will bring the constituents.



The African Belt and Road travels along the Trans African Railway route commencing at Mombasa through to the new Innohabitat logistic Hub at Voi, Kenya and continues through Tanzania, Burundi, Rwanda, Uganda with connections to Zambia, DRC, South Sudan, Ethiopia and Somalia. The Trans African Railway extends to Central African Rep., Cameroon and Nigeria with connections from Cameroon to Equatorial Guinea, Gabon, DRC and Angola and to Benin, Togo and Ghana from Nigeria.

The Searail route commencing at Lekki Free Zone, the route includes Ikorodu, Victoria Island, Daddo Terminal (Nigeria), Cotonou (Benin), Lome (Togo), Tema, Cape Coast & Takoradi (Ghana), Abidjan & San-Pedro (Cote dIvoire), Harper & Monrovia (Liberia), Freetown (Sierra Leone) Conakry (Guinea), Bissau (Guinea Bissau), Banjul (Gambia) and Dakar (Senegal) and return in addition to personnel and freight services to the oil rigs.